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17 Apr 2016
Video email marketing is proving itself very effective for capturing potential customers' attention and boosting sales. While this tool is a powerful one, there are ways to do it right, as well as things to avoid along the way. When used correctly, this tactic can drive lots of traffic to web sites and boost sales. For video ads to be effective, creators have to tread carefully. This type of advertising isn't required for every promotion, but it can make a very big impact when it's used right.

The key to getting positive responses from Internet video ads is to use them sparingly and strategically. Fortunately, there are a few video email marketing tips that can help on this front... Before You StartBefore filming a second of tape for...

19 Mar 2016

In a world where advertising rules it is most important for business owners to stay on top at all times by constantly advertising and marketing there brand. In the old days advertising was very expensive and only the rich business owners could really afford to advertise by using T.V, Radio, and Newspapers etc. These practices are of course used today and are still as effective as can be but for someone on a small budget this can really be a pain.

But luckily times have moved on and we can now create more as we evolve – the internet proves this. Since then advertising has become not only affordable for business owners, but also for anyone wishing to sell or get rid of old goods. This of course is thanks to...